Building Trust in Your Relationships

Jul 26

Bestselling author of the Trusted Advisor Charles H Green shares what it takes to build high trust relationships. Listen to this profound interview with a world-leading authority on trust and discover how to get people to trust you, meaning they will take your advice, buy from you, give you the benefit of the doubt and recommend you!

  • The four components of the Trust Equation.
  • People have a very innate sense of trustworthiness, yet still make relationship mistakes.
  • The key factors that come into play if you want people to rate you and trust you.
  • Trust underpins pretty much everything we do in life, whether you realize it or not.
  • Trust is situational – you trust you dog with your life but not with your lunch!
  • The role of culture in developing trust – it lasts through generations!
  • Which countries trust the most and which trust the least.
  • Trust takes ages to build up and a moment to destroy.
  • The role of trust in corporate scandals – how the dominos quickly topple
  • How a major car company can keep consumer trust despite producing faulty automobiles.
  • The relationship between trust and your reputation or REP: the Reason Everyone Pays.
  • The three things you want people to pay you.
  • The reasons behind the decline of trust in banks, government and corporations.
  • Why trust is high when times are good, and vice versa.
  • Why people’s innate ability to trust strangers doesn’t change quickly.
  • Why people are willing to trust a company if they trust its leader.
  • Trust Myth: Trust takes a long time to develop. Trust Fact: No it doesn’t.
  • The three factors that allow you to build trust quickly.
  • The one trust factor that takes a long time to build, no matter how good you are.
  • The single best thing you can do to get people to trust you.
  • Why we are emotionally triggered by people who are willing to pay attention to us.
  • How to flatter people and make them capable of believing that you are genuine.
  • Complete this phrase: If you want somebody to trust you, ___________ them.
  • Secret Networking tip from Charles for when you walk into a room.
  • The one thing you can do that nobody will criticize you for.
  • A deeply powerful networking phrase to quickly build trust.
  • ‘Trusted Advisor’ was one of the first books to start the trust conversation.
  • How the world has changed fundamentally since 2000.
  • Leadership is no longer vertical command and control, but horizontal influence.
  • How do you influence and persuade people over whom you have no direct authority?
  • Anytime you try to persuade someone, you are essentially selling yourself.
  • The very best way to sell and persuade.
  • Why you cannot convince or force another person to do what they don’t want.
  • Powerful ways to be more influential.
  • What results in more effective selling than most of the tactics salespeople are taught.
  • Charles Green’s top three networking tips for building high trust relationships.
  • The biggest thing that stops you listening properly.
  • Why you should practice thinking out loud!
  • What does it mean to cultivate an attitude of curiosity?
  • Ways to take the focus off yourself and put it on others.
  • Trust tip: What it really means to put other people first.
  • Caring about others gives you the right to care about yourself.
  • The true purpose of networking – not what you think!

When you listen to this incredible interview, you’ll wonder how anyone could back so much networking insight and practical relationship building know-how into such a short space of time.

You’ll reinforce the good stuff you already knew about high trust relationships, and take your knowledge deeper on what it takes to be successful as a connector, a leader and a person.

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