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From World Class Athlete to World Class Networker

Jul 26

Leading author Kriss Akabusi, MBE reveals how to create influential connections and have crucial conversations! What might a former professional athlete and world record holder Olympic medalist know about profitable business networking and building great relationships? You’re about to find out as Kriss shares what he’s learned from a life of sport and business. Listen and discover…

  • The journey from an athletic career to a professional speaking and children’s entertainment career.
  • The role of the Professional Speaking Association in Kriss’s development.
  • The role of an elevator pitch to encapsulate who you are and what you do, and why Kriss moved away from using them
  • Different folks require different strokes – why you need to read your networking audience.
  • Networking insight: some people are not interested in what you know about, but what you care about.
  • How to build the big relationships that will lead to big business.
  • From care homes to kings and captains – how Kriss developed the gift of talking to people.
  • We are all born into a network. When you come out of the womb, that’s your first networking opportunity!
  • High self opinion/low opinion of others or vice versa – both are bad for building business relationships.
  • Networking tip: get rid of any pre-conceived idea that you have to win business.
  • You network to share and to give if you want to build relationships.
  • Bond with people at a personal level first, then the business will come.
  • There is no such thing as a self-made man. We are all interdependently bound together.
  • The power of personal intimacy in connecting people to your innermost circle.
  • Three ways to build your reputation – be credible, be reliable and be intimate.
  • A selfless interest – it’s more about what you will do for others than what they will do for you.
  • The biggest mistake people make in building credibility – promising too much and not delivering.
  • Why you need personal credibility behind you before you land the big deals.
  • Your personal credibility comes from your reputation, your body of work and your connections.
  • Networking tip: ditch the caustic contacts and mood-hoovers by saying ‘no’.
  • How a really outgoing person like Kriss actually draws their energy from being alone.
  • Most good networkers and relationship people are situational extroverts.
  • Good networks and relationships are built over time – it’s hard to rush them.
  • We all have different weapons and strengths, and you need to build your network in a way that plays to yours.
  • The best networks are full of high performing, high credible people. Are you?
  • Networking question: what are you offering to your network that makes you valuable to them?
  • Akabusi’s motto for success: it’s the life you lead, the lessons you learn and the legacy you leave.
  • What Isaac Newton tells us about getting good by standing on the shoulders of giants.
  • How celebrity status can be a networking challenge – people have pre-conceived ideas of who you are.
  • Networking insight from Nigel Risner – when you’re in the room, be in the room!
  • Networking tip: know that when you think people are not looking, they are looking!
  • Networking wisdom – in giving, you will receive so much more so ask what you can do for others.

Getting up close and personal with Kriss Akabusi is a lesson in warmth, humility and inspiration. Listen to this great man and learn how he has successfully switched careers, built massive credibility and delivered huge value to his network and his audiences worldwide.

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