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How to Combine Networking and Selling

Jul 26

‘The Accidental Salesman’ Richard White reveals his top networking and ‘selling yourself’ tips! It can be difficult to form relationships with the people you meet when networking. Listen to Richard share his networking expertise to help you make the most of your time and opportunities, on and offline, as well as tips on developing relationships whilst networking.

In this insightful interview you’ll discover:

  • That networking isn’t primarily about meeting people but developing your relationships.
  • When you need to network the most.
  • The 3 key elements to successful networking.
  • That you already have enough connections to generate leads from your network.
  • The main reason people who know you, like you and trust you, still don’t help you.
  • The different ways people in your network can help you (and it’s not just about business!)
  • The big mistake many networkers make in not leveraging their existing network.
  • The danger of being all things to all people vz. specialising with your networking.
  • Why you should spend less time going out to networking events.
  • Your 3-part strategy for winning people’s confidence instantly.
  • How to leverage existing contacts and get to your ideal customer today!
  • Why creating a ‘Proposition Statement’ is more effective than an ‘Elevator Pitch.’
  • How match-making within your existing network will enhance your reputation.
  • Why you have to be able to specify your target audience to be successful with networking.
  • The ‘intention-indicators’ people will recognise from your body language that could put them off networking with you.
  • 50-second stories – your secret weapon in the world of networking!
  • The power of taking action with your network for maximum networking success.

Find out how you can really make business networking work for you, with a host of tips, tricks and tools that will get you connecting right away.

Listen to this incredible networking GURU and you’ll discover things you never knew about taking your networking to the next level!

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