Implementing Your Networking Strategy

Jul 26

‘Mr Network’ and top author Andy Lopata shares his top networking strategy secrets! He’ll let you in on the common misconceptions about networking and the biggest mistakes people make when they network, so you can become a more effective networker. Listen to this inspiring interview on implementing your networking strategy.

The Top Networking Secrets Revealed By “Mr Networking” – Andy Lopata

What does ‘Networking’ mean to you?

Attending conferences and events, distributing as many business cards as possible and trying out your elevator pitch on everyone you shake hands with?

Andy Lopata “Mr Networking” defines it as ‘a collaboration between people – sharing expertise, ideas and contacts.’  Most people think of networking in terms of, ‘it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.’ But Lopata says that doesn’t go far enough. ‘It’s who knows you. And it’s what they say about you that counts.’

In this expert interview you’ll discover:

  • How you can be a great networker, even if you’re not naturally at ease with people
  • Reasons people shy away from networking – and why they shouldn’t
  • What “Hunting” is and why it can damage your networking efforts
  • Networking isn’t about having 2000 contacts in your BlackBerry. Connecting isn’t enough!
  • The key approach that will leverage your networking efforts.
  • How to focus on your  goals for maximum networking success
  • When it’s right to cut down on business events and concentrate on your current network
  • Why networking is even more important during a recession
  • How to use LinkedIn and other social media for maximum impact.
  • Few of us are ‘time-rich’ – your 4-point strategy for optimum networking success in the shortest time.
  • The follow-up secrets that will boost your networking connections

Listen to professional networking coach, Andy Lopata, and discover how using networking in your overall marketing strategy, will transform the way you do business and enhance your reputation.

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