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LinkedIn Networking Secrets

Jul 26

Founder of Networking Coach Jan Vermeiren helps you exploit the world’s biggest business directory! He has devoted his life to helping people network more productively, especially on LinkedIn. If you want to know how to power your networking using the world’s biggest business directory, Jan is your man! Listen and discover:

  • How Jan got into the wonderful world of networking.
  • The three pillars of networking coaching: networking events, LinkedIn and referrals.
  • The exact definition of networking, which incorporate the ‘give and receive’ mentality.
  • Why so many people don’t get results from online and offline networking.
  • How business networking is like driving a car!
  • Why not setting networking goals is a problem for many business people.
  • The need to identify the kind of people who can help you achieve your networking goals.
  • Whether LinkedIn is best used for jobsearching and recruitment, or more than that.
  • The most powerful part of LinkedIn – showing you who knows who.
  • Jan’s five step strategy for success on LinkedIn.
  • Why you have to consider what kind of people you want to meet on LinkedIn.
  • The need to define your networking goal on LinkedIn.
  • The power of advanced searching on LinkedIn.
  • How you should incorporate the telephone with your online networking efforts.
  • How to use the ‘Magic eMail’ to properly connect on LinkedIn.
  • Why you need to use the many tools available to you when maximizing LinkedIn.
  • How to use the different social networks to blend with LinkedIn.
  • The power of building relationships through ‘Know-Like-Trust‘.
  • The biggest mistakes people make on LinkedIn!
  • That the average LinkedIn member has 250 connections (and what exactly that means!)
  • Why your Elevator Pitch closes more doors than it opens and what to do about it.
  • The power of a ‘Sticky Story‘ to create your networking ambassadors.
  • The future of business networking with technology!
  • How to get some great free networking stuff.
  • Jan’s top tips to become a great networker.

Listen to this LinkedIn networking guru and you’ll soon see how you can take your online (and offline) networking to a new level!

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