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Mastering Change for Successful Communications

Jul 26

Leading author David Maxfield reveals how to create influential connections and have crucial conversations! David is renowned for his ability to connect to his audience through engaging stories and captivating examples. In this interview with this world-class communication guru, you’ll discover how to master change for successful communications

Listen to this world-class communication guru and discover:

  • How entrenched, tough habits that we all have and want to change, remain unchanged and undefeated.
  • How procrastination seriously decreases peoples’ chances of getting ahead.
  • The Will Power Trap of wanting something bad enough, yet desire being a poor predicter of what we will accomplish.
  • How we forget the sea of influences around us that prevent the change we want.
  • Why fish discover water last!
  • How we begin to change bad behavior for good.
  • That new habits almost always require new skills.
  • How bad habits are often team sports, where you’re not alone!
  • That not only don’t we think of the bad influences on us, we don’t even see them.
  • The amazing changes people can make with the right skills and strategies.
  • The definition of rock bottom as a starting point for change.
  • Why we need to become the scientist as well as the subject of your own life experiment.
  • What psychologists really investigate!
  • That marketers and sales people are always the best influencers.
  • The need to be aware of what influences you.
  • The kind of severe problems people really need to solve, including obesity, addictions, career, relationships and debt.
  • How you help a struggling person become a successful person.
  • That changing in a personal habit is ten times more successful if you use four or more different sources of influence in combination.
  • The kind of dramatic changes people are capable of making.
  • Why people don’t always transfer what they learn from one success into another.
  • A great example from research with one of the largest worldwide accounting firms that uncovered three vital behaviors that ensure people become successful.
  • The importance of building a reputation for being helpful and generous.
  • The skillset of motivational interviewing – discovering that you want to change.
  • How you influence those you want to change to see both sides of the change argument.
  • The role of the Performance Review in bringing about change in the worldplace.
  • The challenge of influencing people to adopt your business goals as their personal goals.
  • David’s best tips on making massive change.
  • The role of accomplices and allies in making positive change.
  • How your physical environment affects whether you succeed with the changes you want to make.

David is a supreme communicator and provides loads of great tips and examples to help you influence others better and change any aspects of your life for the better!

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