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Networking Insights from a Multi-Millionaire Philanthropist

Jul 26

Multi-millionaire entrepreneur and philanthropist Vito Glazers shares how he networked his way to massive wealth! Vito knows about networking at a high level, most notably with top Hollywood celebrities and unique personal brand personalities. Discover his top networking insights to become more successful with your networking! Listen and discover…

  • Success insight: You have to evolve and do it fast if you want to stay successful.
  • Networking wisdom: A man is only as good as his latest closed deal.
  • How Vito advised the online ‘adult industry’ to be profitable when everyone wants everything for free.
  • How networking gives you the ability to reinvent your business in a volatile economy.
  • Good networking gives you much more than immediate ROI.
  • How Vito has mastered his craft as a world-class networker.
  • In a time of need, the networking you did five years ago will come back to you.
  • Networking tip: you can learn to network and even deal with rejection of top decision makers.
  • There are only so many different types of people in the world, and thus a formula for successful networking.
  • How to never pitch a business deal that works for you until it delivers cash value to them.
  • Networking question: can you create value for your client or prospect that won’t create material injury to yourself?
  • Networking insight: the need to become an expert in who you invest your time with.
  • Networking tip: after you’ve delivered value and proved yourself, you can then talk about what benefits you.
  • Value – doing a job that somebody else doesn’t want to do.
  • In Hollywood (and in business), everyone is telling everyone else what they can do.
  • Examples of how you can deliver value that is priceless, that people couldn’t even buy if they had the money.
  • How your wealth can come from your network. Networth = Network.
  • Philanthropy is the cornerstone of Vito’s life philosophy. Here’s why it should figure in yours…
  • How ‘faith in a higher power’ has led to a millionaire entrepreneur’s success.
  • The power of giving away ‘10% of your wealth’
  • Networking abundance – attracting wealth by telling the universe you have more than enough.
  • If $1000 is the problem, then $1000 is actually NOT the problem.
  • Do you have faith in the value of service you are bringing?
  • Philanthropy is a lot more than giving money away.
  • The importance of living within your means if you want to accomplish amazing things.
  • What it means to be blessed with the ability to reach people.
  • The purpose of the human race is to share ideas and to serve each other.
  • Things that bring people together make big money.
  • How the internet has changed the networking world.
  • Networking insight: You can gain or lose people’s attention in milliseconds.
  • Guess what is the one word that describes where everything is going with networking and connecting.
  • Marketing tip from successful entrepreneur – follow the giants.
  • The one business trend coming that if you master it, you’ll never be poor again!
  • Networking tips for re-calibrating your bad relationships – exfoliation and ruthlessness.
  • How to eradicate ‘time trolls’ from your business network.
  • Networking insight: The dangers of not letting go of the wrong relationships in your life
  • Networking tip: Relationships evolve, so what used to be a great contact may not deliver any more value.
  • Vito’s motto for life: measure twice and cut once.
  • The three things you need to be a world class networker and connector.

Vito Glazers is a wonderfully warm, engaging and extremely insightful entrepreneur with a unique outlook on life and business. His wisdom on networking, connecting and building wealth are priceless – listen and learn from a true master!

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