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Networking Tips for Personal Branding

Jul 26

Personal marketing expert Chantal Cornelius shares her vast experience in marketing personal brands! Chantal works with people who don’t like doing their own marketing. Learn in this interview how to drive your personal brand and sell yourself, as well as using the power of networking and referrals to promote yourself and your business.

  • Why networking is THE THING that grows a business.
  • Networking is very best way to promote yourself and generate referrals.
  • Thoughts on actually measuring your networking.
  • Do you have personal brand advocates who rave about you?
  • Networking tip: trying too hard often means you’re not as authentic.
  • Networking insight: the strategy for survival is visibility.
  • Why a lack of joined up integrated marketing is killing your business.
  • How to put a networking message together that sticks.
  • Networking tip: turn features into benefits by asking a simple ‘so what?’
  • Networking insight: why it’s so hard to put yourself in your clients or customer’s shoes.
  • Is your elevator pitch fuzzy? Here’s how you can get it laser focused.
  • The power of blending face to face networking with online networking.
  • The demise of face to face networking is not happening anytime soon.
  • There is no substitute for shaking somebody’s hand in a face to face networking situation.
  • The power of props to create an elevator pitch that is just a little different.
  • Elevator Pitch tip – practise so you can get it right and be prepared for ‘your moment’.
  • Why scripts can be useful as a starting point for successful networking.
  • The transformation from a timid petrified networker to a super confident performer.
  • Networking question: what are you doing to make yourself memorable? Here’s an example of one way…
  • Networking tip: it’s noisy out there, so look at what you’re saying and how you say it.
  • Applying the law of attraction to your networking and relationship building.
  • Networking tip – try lots of different networking groups to see what works best for you.
  • Measure how effective your networking is – find what works and do more of it!
  • Why networking isn’t for everyone depending on the person or the business.

Chantal speaks from the heart and from many years of networking experience to share what works and what doesn’t when it comes to promoting yourself and your business.

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