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Networking With Handshakes and Hashtags

Jul 26

Networking author and speaker Michael Bruny shares how to get the best from your networking! Michael is one of the world’s most prolific networking authors and speakers. Listen to this inspirational teacher and advocate of all things networking as he discusses networking in person and online! Listen and learn…

  • How to use the resources around you to build a strong network
  • How you to leverage holidays and birthdays to stay connected
  • The more you add value to others, the more people want to include you
  • How to connect the online with the offline – turning hashtags into handshakes!
  • Avoiding hiding behind the online world
  • The importance of building relationships and connecting with people both online and offline
  • The advantages of two-way conversations on Twitter
  • Sharing your brilliance with a wider audience
  • The difference between online and offline relationships in the networking world
  • How to make the most of networking events
  • How can you connect with people after a networking event
  • Add greatness and brilliance to other people
  • Great questions to ask when networking
  • Creating a community feeling and a feeling of connectedness online
  • Why you don’t get the most out of networking
  • Staying in touch as a long term networking strategy
  • Challenges when it comes to networking
  • Mistakes people make when ‘working the room’
  • Predictions for the future of networking
  • Tips on how to build your network and stay connected 

Michael shares his top tips on networking both online and offline, and most importantly his tips on how to turn hashtags into handshakes!

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