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Online Networking Secrets from the Twitter Doctor

Jul 26

The Twitter Doctor Brandon Krieger gets results with his clients by showing them how to network on Twitter. He teaches businesses on how to educate and develop ‘Business Friendships’ with their community to increase business.

Listen and learn how to build relationships online to grow your business and raise your profile on Twitter. You’ll discover:

  • How an IT geek became a global Twitter guru.
  • What his grandmother taught him about talking to people.
  • Why you must aim to build the friendship first, then work on the business aspect.
  • How important networking has been in developing Brandon’s worldwide business.
  • Why 80% should be about building the relationship and 20% should be about business.
  • Why online networking is like dating.
  • How social technologies have affected the world of business networking.
  • How important it is that people can connect with YOU rather than your business.
  • That people on Twitter look for your values, authenticity and personality rather than your business competence.
  • Why celebrities like Britney Spears have so many followers on Twitter.
  • Why Twitter is Brandon’s social media channel of choice.
  • Why you need to be present on numerous social networks to be ‘at the party’.
  • The skills you need to do successful online networking.
  • Brandon’s ‘system’ for spending time on social networking.
  • What a week in the life of a social media guru looks like.
  • How YouTube videos can compliment your Twitter strategy.
  • The power of treating your social networks like your email – get in and get out!
  • Tips for building your community online.
  • Ways to manage many networking contacts online.
  • How the emergence of Google+ is impacting online business networking.
  • What will happen over the next few years, and why online video will become king!
  • His best tip to network better online – build the relationship first by being social.
  • The power of visual content like Powerpoint and videos online. 

Brandon coaches people worldwide on how to build their business online using Social Technologies, using webinars, talks, his social sites and through his online courses. If you want to network profitably and productively using social media channels like Twitter, listen to this guru who knows how to make your precious networking time count online!

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