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Personal Effectiveness for World Class Networkers

Jul 26

Leadership and personal effectiveness expert Mark Fritz has been training successful people on personal productivity for decades. Having worked all over the world, his unique insight into what it takes to be a productive and successful in building relationships. If you’re struggling to manage a huge network and finding it hard to manage yourself and your time, this interview will be of HUGE benefit to you! Areas covered:

  • Top networkers know that time = life. What do your inbox and calendar say about you?
  • The best networkers control the level and type of conversations they have.
  • Networking productivity tip – don’t let your inbox drive your day!
  • Managing the overwhelm of multiple inboxes across multiple networking platforms.
  • Communication tip: You get what you ask for – if you don’t want overload and detail, don’t ask for it!
  • Find out what effective people don’t do that helps to make them more effective.
  • Mark Fritz explains the secret of success in seven words; it may surprise you!
  • The most effective people have a goal for each project, social media campaign and interaction.
  • Advanced networking – managing your information in the best possible ways.
  • Networkers beware – poor productivity is simply reacting to what happens to you.
  • Clarity of purpose means you drive your own agenda rather than letting others drive it.
  • The key to making a start with world class productivity.
  • Focus is 80-90% of being effective, so focus on the right people and the right tasks!
  • What the most effective people are ruthless about…
  • The fallacy of thinking that everything is important.
  • Effective people don’t allow others to distract or take their time.
  • Learn what effective people know about making a schedule – not everything takes an hour.
  • Unsuccessful people choose between good and bad. Successful people choose between good and great.
  • The one thing you must do to build the great relationships you want.
  • Calibrate your relationships. Great networkers ask themselves: is the juice worth the squeeze?
  • Networking insight – you’re the average of the ten people you spend the most time with.
  • The person who is going to make the biggest difference in your life, you haven’t met yet!
  • Taking your networking up a level – two criteria to decide who you must look for.
  • Successful people like to provide advice and are usually keen to help you. What value can you offer in exchange?
  • Instead of trying to learn 10 good habits at once, make one good habit really stick.
  • Brian Tracy quote: “Most people are only 1 or 2 habits away from a step-change in their performance.”
  • The best networkers and relationship builders have criteria that decide what goes into their calendar.
  • Why a willingness to delegate things you like to do is a key success tip.
  • The way we work is only be getting more diverse and complex, so here’s how to handle it…
  • The options for your personal time have exploded – how to incorporate this into your life.
  • A conscious choice you must make to be happier and more productive.
  • Don’t let your inbox drive your day. Ever.
  • Be conscious of this one thing before sending an email, because that’s what you’ll get back.
  • Mark’s best tip for taking your networking to a higher level.

Being more effective is sometimes easier said than done, but not when Mark Fritz talks about it.  With the information he gives in this powerful interview, you can increase your productivity and personal effectiveness, take your networking to a new level and make the time to build the right relationships with the right people.

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