Persuasive Techniques to Make a Networking Impact

Jul 26

Hypnosis expert Dr Steve Taubman reveals great relationship techniques to be more confident when networking! Dr Steve is brilliant at the mindgames involved in networking, relationship building and peak performance. In this special interview he reveals mental strategies and persuasive techniques to help you be a more confident and effective networker. Listen as he covers the following areas:

  • Operating your internal belief systems to be a more effective networker.
  • Getting past an invisible barrier of blame that prevents better results.
  • Your relationships with others is where the rubber hits the road.
  • The need for ‘giving’ goals – it’s about what you’re going to give, not get.
  • How Steve developed a whole niche market with a few interesting conversations.
  • The effect of the global recession on how we build relationships.
  • How the recession is forces people to think like an entrepreneur when networking.
  • You must network better if you can’t afford traditional sales and marketing.
  • The power of strong connectors who believe in you.
  • How technology has changed the way we network effectively.
  • There’s no substitute for personal networking, whether it’s online or face to face.
  • Why twitter is being like a networking event for people with ‘ADD’!
  • Why networkers need the same spirit of giving online that they have offline.
  • The power of being more interested than interesting.
  • The skills and attributes of the world’s best networkers and connectors.
  • The need for self-confidence in being a good listener.
  • The power of staying quiet in a conversation, knowing that you’ve got something good to say when the time comes.
  • The biggest reason people struggle with networking – this may shock you!
  • Every opportunity to meet somebody provides you with a number of options.
  • We are too attached to outcomes and this makes you show off too much.
  • Why expecting something good from interactions will make it so.
  • It’s more important NOT to do things wrong than to do everything right.
  • The danger of scripts when networking and selling.

Dr Steve Taubman is a former chiropractor, magician and hypnotist who rose to become one of the top trainers in the world of direct selling.

Described as the ultimate brain clog remover, he understands the nerves and anxiety that hit people when networking and making connections.

If you want to break free from the shackles of fear when meeting new people, this interview is a must listen!

UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers SmallSteve’s breakthrough CD program, UnHypnosis for Direct Sellers, was named one of the top 25 “Must Have Products” for 2011 by Direct Selling Live.

Chicken Soup for the Soul author, Mark Victor Hansen, calls Dr. Steve “…An enlightened physician dedicated to helping the entire world with his incredible entertainment and powerful communication skills.”

Bob Burg, author of The Go Giver, calls Dr. Steve the “…ultimate brain clog remover.”

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