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Successful Networking on Facebook

Jul 26

Dennis Yu knows Facebook! He is renowned for his ability to connect to his audience through engaging stories and captivating examples.

As a result, he brings concepts to life and motivates listeners to put their newly-found skills and knowledge to immediate use. Listen to this world-class communication guru and discover:

  • How a geeky mathematician likens Facebook to the movie ‘Matrix.’
  • Why a platform like Facebook makes total business networking sense.
  • The brilliant Dennis Yu definition of networking: the sum of all influence you have across all channels of people that know you (not people that know you).
  • Why Twitter can be a one way relationship, but Facebook gives you a two way networking experience.
  • Whether you have a strong network by how people respond to your emails and requests for help, or take action.
  • Why technology has significantly changed the personal interaction between people.
  • A great story about how the fear of the internet decreasing air travel never happened, and how the same wrong assumption affects online networking, technology and personal interactions.
  • How facebook strengthens existing relationships and brings you closer to people – reinforcing vz replacing.
  • Why, in the future, we will always be ‘on’.
  • The online networking concepts of ‘digital literacy‘ and ‘continuous partial attention‘.
  • Why it’s not always rude to interact online while speaking to people offline.
  • The importance of ‘bucketing‘ your friends and contacts when deciding where and when you pay full or fractional attention.
  • A great Dennis Yu tip for managing large networks – look at it like pizza!
  • The futility of treating everyone the same.
  • Time management tricks to multiply your attention.
  • Why you should use inbound marketing to make people come to you.
  • A great example of why you should do favors for people who are important.
  • The idea of becoming the expert’s expert in a particular area.
  • That just because you fly, doesn’t mean you’re qualified to be the pilot.
  • How the language company Rosetta Stone built a base of influence to build massive online sales through Facebook.
  • That Twitter has just 1% of the traffic of Facebook, and why Twitter only really works for celebrities.
  • Influence = number of friends X depth of those relationships.
  • How influence is the ultimate measure of social media ROI.
  • The flaws in the Klout measurement system.
  • Why it’s difficult to become a fan of something you don’t like.
  • The need to build an audience by drawing them to where you are with compelling value and offers.
  • That real ROI on Facebook comes when you tie all of your existing channels together, like email and website AND Facebook.

Dennis Yu is one of the world’s leading authorities on Facebook, social media marketing and online networking. He is an international speaker and author on search engine marketing and Facebook marketing.

He has held leadership positions at Yahoo! and American Airlines, and his educational background is Finance and Economics from Southern Methodist University and London School of Economics.

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