Successful Online Networking and Social Media Strategies

Jul 26

John Coupland is a global networker and thought leader in the online social media networking space. He understands the power of social proof (what others say about you) and networking strategy to be a success in business. Listen and learn great stuff such as…

  • Networking insight: Few people properly use the many online channels and tools to enhance their presence.
  • Online networkers should still meet face to face – take it from an expert in both!
  • Biz relationship insight: despite the internet, we are still working in a ‘people’ business.
  • How to recognise a TRUE social media expert amongst the thousands out there!
  • The power of social proof to highlight your credibility in a competitive marketplace.
  • Networking insight: The power search engine that is YouTube to humanize the offline into the online.
  • The need for an online marketing strategy before even starting with online networking.
  • You must blend your online F2F networking with online ‘social media’ networking.
  • ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ – how online social media networking reminds people you still exist!
  • Networking tip: don’t use social media to sell. Use it to build relationships.
  • If you get any business from social media, treat it as a bonus. It’s really for connecting and building credibility.
  • Networking tip: Use the power of selling and informing people with tips at the same time.
  • Networking definition:networking is attending business-related events and engaging in online channels to fulfill your commercial objectives.
  • How to be more strategic with your social media networking.
  • Biz networking insight: The mistake of following people who add absolutely no value to you or your business.
  • The difference between broadcasting and continuous effective engagement with your community.
  • Online networking tip: A tweet should not always be a LinkedIn update – they are a different kind of audience.
  • Networking insight: the big time waster for business people today has moved from the inbox to social media.
  • Networking ROI tips using online social media techniques.
  • Personal branding tip: Forget ROI. What’s the return on IGNORING social media and online networking?
  • Few people can tell you the ROI on networking efforts, whether online or offline.
  • Future trends in social media and online networking – looking to the east for what’s coming!
  • Networking insight: more than 50% of online interacting is now on a mobile device.
  • A glimpse of the future – online networking trends to be ready for.
  • The LinkedIn of tomorrow – using avatars to network and engage online when you’re not even there!
  • Networking thought: The barriers to entering the social media space – will you get left behind?
  • Top tips to raise your networking game in the world of online business.
  • Personal branding tip: you can no longer be good – you’ve got to be extraordinary.
  • Online networking tip: social proof such as testimonials is the world saying you’re good, not just you!

John spends his life helping people network online, engage and build business using social media and online tools. Spend 20 mins listening to this and save yourself days and even years of getting your social media and online networking wrong!

*Since going live with this, LinkedIn has changed its policy on integrating Twitter, so ignore John’s tip on the dangers of connecting your Twitter to your LinkedIn account.

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