The LinkedIn Rock Stars

Jul 26

LinkedIn Rock Stars Mike O’Neil & Lori Ruff share their unique philosophies for STANDING OUT on LinkedIn! With resumes and CV set to become obsolete in the coming years, it is important to make sure you are on LinkedIn! Listen to this interview with Mike and Lori to learn what it takes to stand out and win business on LinkedIn!

Mike and Lori are relationship-driven business development experts. They know what it takes to stand out and win business on LinkedIn. With their energetic, unorthodox and fun style, they make an impact and they get results. For a new and different take on LinkedIn, listen to this interview and discover:

  • How LinkedIn brought these two people together as both life partners and business partners.
  • Why the balance of sales superstar and training superstar makes the Sonny and Cher of Networking!
  • The unique ♫ 1-2-3-ROCK ♫ approach to standing out on LinkedIn:
  • 1 – FIT IN…show up in more searches, higher up.
  • 2 – STAND OUT…be the one “picked out and clicked on”
  • 3 – GET PERSONAL…become business friends first, then…
  • ROCK – ♫…really enjoy your new customers & business partners…♫
  • Why you now need a lot more finess and sophistication in the way you network.
  • Some of the networking mistakes people make on LinkedIn.
  • The one thing LinkedIn will shut down your account for.
  • Why LinkedIn is the premier, professional online networking medium.
  • Why you may choose LinkedIn over Facebook and Twitter.
  • Why a 2000 character summary beats a 140 character bio.
  • The future for sales people in LinkedIn and why they will be taking over the recruiters!
  • Why we’ve already seen the ‘crest’ of Facebook.
  • That you should watch out for the integration of multiple social media platforms.
  • What Mike and Lori would do if they were elected to the LinkedIn Board.
  • Why LinkedIn unfairly frowns upon the top networkers.
  • That most jobs come from people going through people they don’t know, ie strangers.
  • The importance of leaving your schedule open so you can react to what comes in.
  • The difference between being reactive and proactive on twitter.
  • The importance of incorporating your mobile phone into your networking.
  • How the gurus track networking activity.
  • The one statistic that they look for first on LinkedIn, and what it can tell you.
  • The correct methodology to be successful on LinkedIn.
  • Why your LinkedIn headline might be your biggest conversation piece.

If you want to know how to stand up and stand out on the world’s most popular business networking site, you’ve got to listen to these Linkedin Rockstars!

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