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Top Tips for Highly Productive Networkers

Jul 26

From being a milkman and working at Wimbledon (home of world tennis!) to launching award-winning franchises and networking with the world’s top gurus, Mike Giles offers fantastic insight into super productivity networking and networking at a high level. Listen to this interview where Mike shares his top tips for highly productive networkers!

  • The power of dropping names and building your network ‘by asociation’.
  • How Mike got to network at a high level with some of the world’s leading gurus such as Jay Abraham, Stephen Covey, Les Brown, Michael Gerber and Robert Kiyosaki.
  • The role of persistency and relevance in developing famous connections.
  • The worst possible way to introduce yourself to somebody when networking online.
  • The power of being emphatically different when building a strong network.
  • Mike’s strategy of building a deep network instead of a wide, shallow one.
  • Questions to ask yourself before approaching networking giants.
  • How to network by using a famous name to build credibility and approach another famous name.
  • The need to focus your networking on a few quality people who will help you achieve your business goals.
  • The story of how Mike came to be involved in the productivity phenomenon, Work the System.
  • Finding what James Allen called ‘poise’ when networking with famous successful people.
  • How some supposedly successful entrepreneurs just make their money showing others how to make money.
  • Does Work the System author Sam Carpenter really work just two hours a week?
  • How the laws of super productivity applies to profitable networking.
  • The universal, global blueprint tor working less and earning more that is Work the System.
  • The power of documentation (getting things out of your head) in productive networking.
  • Why super productive networking starts with the right networking strategy.
  • How the majority of networking conversations and relationships are wasted.
  • Networking Productivity Tip: figure out how you waste your time currently, then stop doing it!
  • Networking alert: how social media is a high risk category for time wasting.
  • Reserve social media networking for the 3% that really know how to use it.
  • Working out your networking ROI (time and money spent) from online social media networking.
  • How a direct response strategy will bring you results with social media networking.
  • The need for something edgy, sparky and different to get people’s attention online.
  • Mike’s top networking productivity tips, especially if you want to network at a high level.

Mike’s background in marketing and his thought leadership in the world of productivity means he knows what highly productive businesses and focused networking at a high level really looks like. Listen to his insights and also check out Work the System if you want to take your business and your networking to a whole new level.

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