#46 : The World’s Worst Networkers

The 'Czar of Networking' Tim Houston reveals the mistakes of the world's worst networkers! Tim is a brilliant speaker and leading networking authority. He talks the talk AND walks the walk! We've all met terrible networkers - those who try to hand out business cards like they are going out of fashion! In this interview you'll discover the mistakes the world's worst networkers make!

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#22 : How to Be Successful with Referral Marketing

Leading 'word of mouth' marketing expert Huw Lewis reveals the secrets of successful referral marketing! He knows what it takes to generate streams of high quality referrals, and more importantly, what doesn't work. Listen to his interview with Referral Institute colleague and co-author Tim Green and learn how to be successful with referral marketing.

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#16 : Networking Styles & Personalities

Networking expert, James Knight shares his universal networking language for high level connectivity! James Knight is founder of iMA, a universal language designed to maximize connectivity, trust, liking and respect. Learning how to adapt to different networking styles can be difficult. Listen to this people developer to learn how to deal with different networking personalities!

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